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Hello from Hanging Around Books

In 2016 a number of events aligned and conspired to bring about the birth of Hanging Around Books.
Firstly, I was delighted to be able to reconnect with a number of photographers I had worked with in my previous lives as a music journalist and press officer with Virgin Records. On seeing their archives, it occurred to me that here lay some photographic gems and images that deserved to be seen by a wider public.
Then a friend contacted me through Facebook to tell me that a copy of my fanzine “Hanging Around” - a publication I had started  in 1977 - was on display as part of the “Punk 1976-78” exhibition at the British Library in London. Given such an accolade 40 years after publication, it seemed that it might be time to revive the imprint. The events above - along with finally sorting out some old photographs of punk bands I took on my Kodak Instamatic in Edinburgh in 1977 and finding the 1979 photos I took of Simple Minds in Berlin - seemed to coalesce into pushing me towards setting up a new creative venture.

The result is Hanging Around Books - the publisher of an ongoing series of small but beautifully formed A5 photozines that will feature some of my favourite photographers and some of my favourite bands. The books carry on the Hanging Around name and will hopefully give you the viewer the same pleasure of discovery that I experienced along the way.

My thanks to the estimable David Lloyd who put in time and energy above and beyond the call of duty through contributing his editing and design prowess. Similarly, thanks to David Oxley who assisted massively in getting the message to you via this website and in offering up an elegant shopping cart solution that facilitates the smoothest of sales experiences for you dear buyers. Hat also duly tipped to Tim Barr and Billy Sloan for being sounding boards of the highest order.

If you have photos that you think might offer up similar musical snapshots in time along the lines of the current and forthcoming releases from Hanging Around Books,  please feel free to drop me a line at:

Thanks for your interest.

Ronnie Gurr




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