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As it's Father's Day today, Hanging Around Books are running a promotion that will run from now until next Sunday June 25th. or until stocks run out.

As some of you may know, I have been doing a lucky draw where anyone who buys a copy of either The Skids, Stiff Little Fingers or Simple Minds Official books is entered along with 9 others into the draw and 1 of each 10 copies sold is picked randomly and that customer gets a signed copy of the respective book. That's about to change. So...

As many of Hanging Around Books' loyal customers have bought 1 or 2 titles of the 6 now currently available, if you'd like to complete your set of the rapidly becoming collectable catalogue, then simply buy 4 books and I'll email you asking which signed copy you want as part of your bundle. Obviously, one of your 4 books should be either Simple Minds Official(signed by Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill), Stiff Little Fingers (signed by Jake Burns and Ali McMordie) or The Skids (signed by Richard Jobson and Bill Simpson). I only have a handful of signed copies of each book left but I'm trying to make room for new stock and want them to go to fans of the bands and Hanging Around Books completists and collectors.

P.S. Hats off and huge thanks to those of you who have already bought all six books - you know who you are - your custom is also greatly appreciated and I'll be thinking of another promotion or discount somewhere down the line for you and your unique club!

So first come first served - order your 4 books and I'll email you to get your preference of signed one then get your bundle off to you. Offer available now from:

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