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Signed Copies available

Hanging Around Books are delighted to announce that, as a special introductory offer, we have some signed copies of the Simple Minds and Stiff Little Fingers books available to purchase.  

Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill have kindly signed 25 copies of Ronnie Gurr's "So Far, Distant And So Long Ago: Simple Minds In Berlin 1980" book. Similarly, Jake Burns and Ali McMordie have also been good enough to sign 25 copies of Andy Phillips' "Stiff Little Fingers: Belfast 1981" book.

This means that one in every ten copies of these books sold in the first edition run of 250 copies will be signed by the artists concerned and are thus, highly desirable and eminently collectable.

These books are available at the same price as unsigned copies and will be randomly sent out to successful buyers until the first edition is sold out. So take a chance and see if your luck is in - think of it as Hanging Around Books' version of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and your chance of winning a golden ticket.