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Hanging Around Books' eighth release (HA008) "Out To Lunch : Sex Pistols 1977" is released to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the release of the band's "Never Mind The Bollocks" album.

The book features rare and previously unseen photographs of the Sex Pistols taken on the 11th. of July 1977 by Virginia Turbett before during and after the filming of the "Pretty Vacant" video. As Virginia writes:

"My first ever photo assignment was powerful and historically profound: The Sex Pistols making the Pretty Vacant video in TV Eye Studios on Whitfield Street, London W1. I was 19, I knew the Pistols by reputation and not much else and I didn’t know how to take photos.

We met them in the dressing room. Sid was asleep on the floor,  Paul was late, nice, quiet and polite. Steve leered at me throughout and John was John - erudite, articulate, grumpy: “We’re just a big hype to get lots of money, we’ll do anything to get money – we’re going to fade out and come back with a vengeance as the new Bay City Rollers”.
The video shoot itself, lasted five takes. John refused to mime after the first two and eventually it was agreed by  the crew and band that they probably had something usable. We walked over the road to a pub on Grafton Way and fed the band pints, kebabs and ice cream.  
After a couple of hours we had to hail cabs for them. John told us that taxi drivers would take one look at him and drive on without stopping.  Then it was off to Seditionaries to buy a God Save The Queen T-shirt. Peak Punk.  
It was a day that changed the course of the rest of my life and every time I see this video it sends a big shiver down my spine.  Things were never quite the same after that, and neither was my record collection."

Photography by Virginia Turbett

© 2017 Virginia Turbett & Hanging Around Books

An edition of 250 copies.

A5 paperback photozine. 36 pages. Digitally printed on recycled paper. 

Please note: the images throughout this website are watermarked "Hanging Around Books" for the photographers' copyright protection. Purchased copies do not have these watermarks.


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